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Shipshape General services provide comprehensive maintenance and commercial property management services throughout Sussex. With expertise in interior cleaning and full caretaking services, we can be relied on to keep businesses and properties in the area looking their best. Our team is professional and trustworthy, and can provide services to small businesses, student accommodations, corporate offices, and blocks of flats.

Our interior cleaning services can help to transform any space, keeping them looking professional, clean and fresh. Dusting is an important part of their service, with all surfaces treated, with special attention paid to hard to reach places. We can also conduct a thorough clean of all carpets and upholstery, eliminating tough build up and staining.

In addition to managing the cleaning of a property, we also offer property caretaking services, from monitoring security systems to keyholding. They can provide regular inspections to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Shipshape’s team of dedicated professionals can be relied on for all kinds of business maintenance services, offering peace of mind and ensuring all commercial properties in Sussex are taken care of.

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